Draft Survey Software Review

A few weeks ago, I have got the full version of Draft Survey Software, thanks to Capt. Michael from MW Marine Services, LLC that has given me free.

Now, I have time to post the review of Draft Survey software, so the reader could give comment and feedback to software owner for next expansion. This review is based on the software I have tested. Just continue reading to check the below test.

The below screenshot show how the software works:
Fig. 1 – Data to insert for Draft Survey
marine cargo ship surveyors
In this page you should insert the ship particulars and survey data to get access to the next page.

Fig. 2 – Input Draft Survey data
marine cargo ship surveyors
After the above step completing, you have to input the reading draft data. As well the Hydrostatic data for corresponding Displacement, TPC, LCF and MTC.

Fig. 3 – Ballast Water
marine cargo ship surveyors
Input ballast data: sounding, volume and density here.

Fig. 4 – Liquid data to insert
marine cargo ship surveyors
Initial and Final liquid data such as FO, DO and FW are completely load in one page. The VCF/WCF calculation for FO and DO should be done manually before inserting to this form.

Fig. 5 – Draft Survey report
marine cargo ship surveyors
The report is generated automatically from the above data inserting. Press PRINT to get the printed report.

Fig. 6 –  Printed Draft Survey report
marine cargo ship surveyors
In the result of printed draft survey report, Mid Draft and MM data misplaced found here.

There are several additional calculation attached along this software. These calculations are helpful for the surveyor to complete the calculation.

Fig. 7 – Additional: Conversion
marine cargo ship surveyors

Fig. 8 – Additional: Sounding Correction
marine cargo ship surveyors

Fig. 9 – Additional: Stability Formula
marine cargo ship surveyors

Fig. 10 – Additional: Trim calculation
marine cargo ship surveyors

Fig. 11 – Additional: Volume Correction For Temperature
marine cargo ship surveyors

Pros and Cons
Pros :
– The software is looking good and easy to use with complete calculation for draft survey.
– The accuracy is good, depends on data inserted.
– Saving survey data in .dat file and you can call it back anytime you need.
– Additional calculation attached such as Conversion, Sounding Correction, Stability Formula, Trim calculation and Volume Correction For Temperature.

Cons :
– Some errors needs to fix, for date typing you should insert with mm-dd-yyyy properly or the software will be force close / shutdown.
– In Liquid page the fuel and diesel oil needs to do VCF and WCF calculations manually before inserting to the page.
– Data misplaced on the printed page (needs to fix) see correction in Fig. 6.

I think this software could be the option for draft surveyor to choose. The price was tagged by MW Marine Services at USD 55.00 to get the full version of this software. They also give you the chance to try by download the trial version, please check at http://www.mwmarineservices.com/draftsurvey.html. The trial version has limited function, you could not do the calculation properly, save the survey data and print the job.

Has anyone use trial version of this software? Please feel free to drop your comment here.


Author: Faisal Yusuf

Hi, my name is Faisal Yusuf, but you can call me Surveyor. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and work as a surveyor.

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  1. Dear Juan Ramon,

    You could liaise with the software owner. will up load my software soon.


  2. Dear Satyarayan,

    Thanks. Mean of mean = {(mean for and aft draft + mean midship draft) / 2}. Please check the previous post.


  3. Dear Adi,

    Langsung aja ke website penjualnya. Software dikirim dengan cara download file.


  4. Dear friend colleague
    I’m from chile and work in the company Gis Surveyors Co. as Independent Surveyor.
    I would buy the Draft software that apparently has a cost of $ 55, the other software listed on their website, apparently are free but must make a donation, I would include bunker software Software Including both which would be the cost and can be paid only by bank transfer and / or courier.
    I remain attentive to their comments.
    best regards.

  5. how to calculate means of mean


  7. Dear Vinicius,

    Do you mean keel correction?


  8. Good morning!

    What is rule to fix the keel?


    Vinicius Fiussen.

  9. Dear Surveyor,

    As you know, corrections were made to Draft Survey program. Updated Draft Survey program is available as demo version for download from http://www.mwmarineservices.com/draftsurvey.html
    Any comments regarding Draft Survey program are very welcome.

    Best regards,

    Capt. Michael

  10. Hi Murali,

    Thank you for visiting.


  11. This is an excellent piece of information and quite helpful. Thank you very much!!

  12. Thanks a lot ! It will help me a lot !

    Best regards, Adrian

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