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marine cargo ship surveyors

I have tried to complete the sevensurveyor project and developed one simple software for draft survey calculation named 7S DraftSurvey.

This software is made for automatic draft survey calculation such as; quartermean draft, trim, fore and aft draft corrections, Displacement, TPC, LCF, MTC, 1st & 2nd trim corrections, density correction and deductibles. The software could be used to determine the total cargo loading/unloading on the ship board.

It is very simple and helpful to cut-down the time for draft survey calculation. What you have to do is just inserting some data in the initial draft survey and get easy calculating for any intermediate and final draft survey with insert the reading draft, density and sum of deductibles only. This software designed to handle the ship with reading draft marks up to 27.00 Meters.

You also could save the draft survey report and the ship data along with the program. In case, the ship that you have ever made survey previously then back again to load or unload at another times, you only need to copy and paste data for the saved data and calculate the draft survey.

Now, you have chance to use this software by follow this link http://www.sevensurveyor.com/software/surveysoft-marine-surveyor-software/

I think you will be like this software, let me know by drop your comment.



Author: Faisal Yusuf

Hi, my name is Faisal Yusuf, but you can call me Surveyor. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and work as a surveyor.

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  1. Dear A. Elwahab,

    Thanks for visiting. You could read and download all draft survey material posted and drop the question if you have.


  2. Thanking you in advance and looking forward to know how to learn about your draft survey system.It’s very interesting.So i hope to receiv from you what i need.

  3. Dear Sir
    l would like to get full version.Please send to me


  4. Dear Bhupinder,

    Sorry, the software is under maintenance. I will upload it when complete. There is no different between table 6 and 6A, Actually it 6A but easier to call it with 6 only.


  5. Dear Frank,

    The full version will be available soon. keep in touch.


  6. thanks your upload my friend

  7. Hello,
    I want to have table 6 and table 54for petroleum measurement but the link you have given fro box.com doesn’t work. please help.
    Also pls tell me whats the differnece between table 6 and 6A

  8. Hi Yusuf,
    I’m sending from Turkey, I need draft survey calculation program ( Full version).
    My email adress : ahmadmunandar@ymail.com

    Thank you for help

  9. sir i cant download the survey software.can u send me on my email please? im very interested on draft surveying.. im a petroleum surveyor here in uae..
    thanks a lot sir

  10. Dear Surveyor,

    Could you send me please your E-mail. I am interrested to have your full version of your software.

    Thank you

  11. Dea Sir,
    please send me a full version of draft survey software. Iam very much interested.

  12. Hi Yusuf,
    I’m sending from Turkey, I need draft survey calculation program ( Full version).
    My email adress : kivancisik78@yahoo.com

    Thank you for help

  13. Dear Sir,
    l would like to get full version.

    plzz sent to me


  14. thanks for the keel plate clarification. Sir

  15. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Can you please forward the information needed to obtain the full version. brad (at) cargosurvey (dot) ca


  16. Dear sir

    I would like to get full version

    plzz sent to me


  17. Dear Nathapol,

    I will send you an email about this.


  18. Hi surveyor,

    I would like to get full version .

  19. Dear Mike,

    thanks, I have sent you an email.


  20. Hi Captain,

    I am interested in your Draft Survey program. please let me know how much it cost?

  21. sir, please tell me how i will get full version of draftsurvey.

  22. Dear JudeDani,

    I will sent you an email soon.


  23. Hallo sir,
    I am very interesting your draft survey excel of full version. Presently as a chief officer of Container ship. My ship agency want me to on board one of their bulk ship which gave me a trouble to make draft survey by manually calculation.

    Tell me how and what to do to acquire your Draft survey excel.

  24. Please email me for the ful version. Thanks.

  25. Dear Moape,

    I will send you an email regards this. My email is faisal.yusuf (at) live.com.


  26. Dear Surveyors,

    Thank you for kind responce to my enquiry above on the 7s Draft Survey Software Full version. Yes, I would like to acquire the full version and please advise on how to go about it with all details including payment.

    Thanking your inadvance and looking forward to receiving your guidance on how to get the full version.

    My e-mail address is mbatigai@connect.com.fj & what is your mail address?

    Kind regards,


  27. Dear Moape,

    The trial version is provided with no ability to edit the table (available for full version only).
    Send me an email, and I will revert back how to get the full version.


  28. Dear Surveyors,

    I tried your 7s Draft Survey Trial version, but input coloum for my hydrostatics could not be activated. Please advise if this works for the full version, and if so how I can I can acquire the full version.

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,

  29. Dear Surveyors,

    How can I acquire the 7s Draft Survey program full version with manual and details.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Kind regards,


  30. hello can you send me the exmenble for full bunker survey
    all the best

  31. Hi Capt.

    If you need the full version please email me.


  32. Hi Nico,

    To use the keel plate thickness or to reduce your reading draft with it, you need to refer to hydrostatic table provided on board. On that book, please check how to draft survey calculation. Usually in the first page.

    The keel plate thickness will be reduced from the extreme draft.


  33. Dear Mr. Surveyor,

    How can I get 7D Draft Survey program ?

  34. Dear Master

    Please can you clarify for me about the keel plate thickness. When to minus k.p thickness and are we minus it on draft moulded or on extrem draft?. Please clarify for me. Nico Ndlovu.

  35. Dear Surveyor Master,

    Matur nuwun banget jos tenan ki…..congratulation and appreciated for your all article…too much helping in my practically …semoga tambah sukses and panen duit sampean mas…


  36. Dear Vili,

    Just sending me an email at (faisal dot yusuf at live dot com) for further info.


  37. Good day

    Is it possible to bay 7S Draft Survey program.

    Best regards


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